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Copper Patina | Wax Seal Set

Copper Patina | Wax Seal Set

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Inspired by the precious metals of the earth and their divinatory properties, this set is intentionally crafted to be reminiscent of Copper Patina.

This modern set of six artisan wax seals are ready to be used to seal envelopes, or adorn art, letters, or gifts. Made of flexible, modern wax, and backed with self adhesive stickers, each set of six seals is ready to add luxury and craftsmanship to your paper goods - simply peel and stick! Make sure to press firmly to ensure the seal adheres strongly.

If you wish to use the seals on letters to go through the mail, we recommend either using an outer envelope - to protect the seal - or to take your letter to the post office to have handle cancelled. Hand cancelling at the post office ensures that your envelope will avoid electric sorting machines that can damage and melt wax seals.



6 Self Adhesive Wax Seals

Made of flexible, modern wax

Each seal is sized approximately 1 inch

Each seal is backed with a self adhesive sticker


Item ships from our studio in NYC within 5 business days.

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