Ora is defined as "an opening or entrance to a passage" and also - across several languages - carries the meaning of light, gold and prayer.

Ora Designaré is a creative studio inspired by the occult, the esoteric, and the liminal. Every design holds the intention of a spell cast to stir the soul, bewitch the mind, awaken the heart, and be an altar upon which the hands can pray through the sacred art of writing. Ora is a portal to transverse the theatre of the imagination, and otherworldly realms unseen.

We are based in the heart of Manhattan specializing in fine paper goods to be used in ceremonial and ritualistic acts of writing - whether it be wishes to a friend, letters to your future self, capturing revelations, love notes, oracles, spells, blessings or anything in between. Allow our spellbinding stationery to offer sanctuary for your most precious words and sentiments.