Journeying Inwards 

Yin welcomes you into the dense, cool and chthonic darkness. Yin welcomes you to heavy yourself deeper into the mystery. Yin asks you to sink into the sands of time and let the universe envelop you.

Yin reminds us that passivity is not the opposite of activity but rather it is the turning of action inwards rather than outwards. It is magnetism and reflection rather than manifestation and projection. It is a savoring of spirit rather than a scattering of it. It is a protection of energy rather than a pouring of it. Harness the power within you. Savor every drop of your will within the vessel of self and let it bathe your spirit in its cooling, healing waters. 

Doors might be closing all around you but rather than struggle to reopen them, allow yourself to be locked out of whats absence has been destined. Allow yourself to be led deeper into the chasms of the unknown - for when the time is right, new doors will emerge. When the time is right, new doors will open -  they will open for you, they will beg you to walk through them, they will yearn for you the way the rose yearns for the bee. When the time is right, new opportunities will flower and they will require your action. That time, however, is not now. 

Now is the time to settle in the room you find yourself in. Let the doors close, let yourself be nurtured by old mother dark and the mystery of the moment. Let yourself be cuddled by the embrace of solitude. Accept what is before you - not because you condone, enjoy or desire it, but because it is there, and it has become part of your life by existing in your presence. Honor what is, before you seek to change it.  

Yin seeks to remind you of this important sentiment: acknowledge what exists and respect it's spirit before you thrust your will upon it. Right now, you are being led into this period of acknowledgement, into this ritualistic act of perception, and into the necessity of acceptance. Now is the time to just be and your sacred task is to embrace the art of being human. Yin seeks to guide you on this inward journey - however without consent, you will remain lost in the deep, dark wood, stuck and surrounded by turmoil, and without the purveyor of peace. Your consent is the purveyor of your peace and it can only be excavated from deep within you, it can only be mined from a journey inward.

Acknowledge the present moment rather than bypassing it. Protect your energy rather than expend it. Seek the answers from within. 

The Swan by Hilma de Klint

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