The Tower

Disruption Abound

The Tower invites you into the chasm of a breakthrough. Sometimes things must break down in order to break through. Sometimes things must crumble in order to be rebuilt in an authentic image. Sometimes things must fall apart to come together.

The Tower signals that a major shift is necessary to realign you and invites you to expect the unexpected, push the boundaries of what you think you are capable of and allow chaos to be the harbinger of divine order. The premise of The Tower is one of necessity. The Tower facilitates an electrifying need for the status quo to be reimagined.

Disruption awaits. Change is lurking around the next corner, and if you do not agree to confront it then it will come crashing into every facet of your being regardless. You can lean into the future that change has waiting for you, and be a co-conspirator in your own transformation, or you can resist its guidance and invite suffering where only discomfort is required. Liberate yourself by welcoming disruption.

The unexpected is here right now and without warning, and it will inevitably return. Now is the time to build a strong foundation. This strength and intentionality of this foundation will be what determines how high the tower of your soul can be built and the force of inspiration it can safely receive. Information - like lightning - is a disruptive force. When a proper conduit is available for cosmic and earthly information to flow it can be a gift of the muses, a bolt of inspiration. Whereas, when the foundation of The Tower is ill intentioned, neglected, or non existent, and it cannot process or hold the breadth of the information being bolted down, destruction and trauma are sure to ensue.

Change is imminent. Disruption is necessary. Shock yourself back into alignment.


Anne Boleyn (1507-36) in the Tower, detail, 1835 (oil on canvas) by Cibot, Edouard (Francois Berthelemy Michel) (1799-1877); info.: sentenced to death for treason; second wife of Henry VIII
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