The Fool

Leap into The Unknown

The Fool signals a return to self, a return to soul, and a return to the bare essentials. New beginnings can be triggered by re-evaluation. Now is the time to re-evaluate the things that take up space in your life. Now is the time to follow your intuition and rid yourself of what no longer feels aligned.

What spirits of your life no longer serves you but are still very much prominent in your day to day life?
What is taking up space that no longer has purpose or meaning?
What luxuries are overcrowding the things which are necessary?

Now is the time to separate the threads of what is needed and what is comfortable. In comfort, there is no room for growth. The Fool becomes stagnant without change, growth, and risk so their presence demands a shifting of spirit in your life. Its time to grow. Its time to surrender to the flow of change. Its time to take a risk that you’ve been avoiding. It is time to make a home for discomfort for it is here to remind you of what is possible. Discomfort is here to remind you that you are alive.

Take the leap off the cliff of comfort, dive into the precipice of the unknown, and you will find more depth. In the precipice of the unknown, you will find untampered truth. In the precipice of the unknown, you will find a version of yourself you didn’t know you needed, a self you didn’t know your heart ached for, a self you didn't know could guide you into the future with such ease, joy, and playfulness. That self is waiting for you - however to reach them you have to risk the unknown of the future and leap into it without fear of failure.

The fall into the abyss can be overwhelming, exhilarating, and terrifying - but remember: the fall is not eternal. Eventually you will grow wings, discover you have always had them, or reach a seeming suspension within the chasm. Just when this new void becomes a space of comfort and seems like home - just when your consciousness has become accustomed to its reality - another cliff will appear urging you to jump one again into the unknown. If you don’t empower yourself by choosing to leap, eventually you will be pushed, pulled or thwarted violently into cracks where you do not belong. The gravity of the future cannot be avoided - so allow your will to be a wand and, despite fear or doubt, choose to wave it and create your own fate.
Conjure your self from the void by willingly, and with intention, walking into it. Into the unknown. The genius of the unknown awaits.

Take the leap. Now is the time. You are ready.


Sappho By Miquel Carbonell I Selva (1854-1896)
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