Moon in Pisces

The World Unseen 

The Moon in Pisces asks you to marinate yourself in the poetic nature of life. Rather than ogle at the beauty abound, let it penetrate you. Allow yourself to sink into the depths of the world unseen, undiscovered, untouched, and uncompromised. Feel the omni-presence of the imaginal and use it as a source of inspiration. The Moon is the mirror and Pisces is the dream. Let your dreams reflect back to you a truth unscathed by logic. Let your dreams reveal the true nature of existence.

Let your dreams - as the language of your soul - communicate your deepest desires. When you wake, let your dreams come with you into this reality and awaken within you that which may be lingering below the surface. Let your dreams communicate what words fail to. Let your dreams plant the seeds your body cannot. Let your dreams be the home this world could never be.

Remember, emotions provide an invaluable resource of information - don't discard the wisdom they carry just because you may not understand it. Don't discard the possibility they bring just because you can't yet Invision it.

Now is the perfect time to cultivate a relationship with your own divinity, and practice compassion for yourself and others. Love does not need the limitations that conditions or boundaries instill. Love can simply exist and does not need to be defined.

If you feel the urge to escape or avoid the mundane aspects of daily life - contemplate why. Do you seek to dissolve the mundane in order to dive deep into the dream, or is it to avoid the rude awakening reality brings? Is the dream your escape or your exploration?

You might feel particularly sensitive to the energy around you at the moment, and feel the impacts greatly of what you are consuming physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually - simply recognize this and adjust to ensure your comfort. Beware overwhelm and nourish yourself by remaining engaged in the moment even if it's fueled by your imagination.

 The Silent Voice by Gerald Moira

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