Tending The Inner Flame

Hestia - Goddess of Hearth and Home - invites you to tend your inner flame. The home is a reflection of the spirit and tending to the home is a way to tend the inner fire. You are your own flame keeper - and as such, you have a sacred duty to ensure the spark of your vitality stays lit. To reconnect with yourself and your inner flame, consider examining your space and both its functionality and aesthetic. Allow your space to be an authentic reflection of your heart, and a physical representation of your spirit. Take stock of the rituals and routines which dictate your home life - do they nourish and feed the inner flame or do they smother it? Your physical space, and the rituals which are embedded in it, should support you and your desired lifestyle in a holistic way.

Hestia urges you to take notice and to take charge - no need to rush though! The inner flame that has been bestowed upon you should be fed slowly, and with great intention, to ensure you maintain a semblance of control. Fire is abundantly powerful, and is heavily reliant and dependent on its environment. Fire must be honored as it can easily become extinguished, or rage out of control and consume all in its path - leading to destruction rather than transformation.

Protect your sacred fire, and do not fear the occasional burn on the winding path of learning how to properly and efficiently tend to it. Whilst we all carry a piece of the same primal fire, each one of our flames needs a unique environment in which to stay nurtured and thrive - cultivating this environment is the sacred task Hestia governs.

Tend the inner flame. Revitalize your rituals. Cultivate and maintain a space that supports your well being.


Vestal Virgin (1677–1730). Oil on canvas, 89 × 74.5 cm. The Hermitage, St. Petersburg

Vestal Virgin (1677–1730). Oil on canvas, 89 × 74.5 cm. The Hermitage, St. Petersburg
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