Dragons Gold

Seeking New Horizons

Dragons Gold signals that you have fallen to one of two extremes and this oracle indicates you are seeking to explore new territory and collect new treasure. Perhaps you have neglected the art of allowing yourself to indulge in beauty and extravagance - and this deprivation has obscured your potential and dampened the fire of your spirit. It is time to broaden your horizons and give yourself permission to indulge in the finer things in life.

It is time to pocket any minimalistic tendencies. Now is the time to treat yourself to something you've been yearning for. You are allowed to take up space. You are allowed to collect beautiful things and give them meaning. You are allowed to savor and grasp what your heart desires. Envy can be a good indicator of your golden shadow - the potential you have been neglecting which deserves your attention and nurturance.

Seek to collect and gather all which brings you joy whether it be trinkets, memories, skills, or friendships and hold them close, wear them as armor. Set boundaries and hold firm to them in order to protect yourself and all you have put so much effort into cultivating. Make your life into a fortress that houses and protects all the things that make you feel alive. Guard your love fiercely and do not apologize for disappointing those who do not share your values. Bathe in the extravagance of your desires, and your unbridling power, and spawning potential, and allow it to transform you into an unstoppable force that offers the world a treasure only you can bestow. 

Treasure awaits those willing to seek it out. You are worth indulging in. Surround yourself with what makes you come alive.


Two Dragons in Clouds (1885), vintage Japanese dragon illustration by Kanō Hōgai
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