Dragons Gold

Hoarding Treasure

Dragons Gold signals that you have fallen to one of two extremes and this oracle indicates you are hoarding treasure to a point of detriment. Protecting treasure with such ferocity has buried you and now you are being suffocated by their weight. The weight of so much treasure is holding you back, pinning you down, and isolating you in the dragons keep rather than creating opportunity for you and brewing passion.

It is time to release any maximalist tendencies. Now is the time to part with some of your collected treasures. Acknowledge what in your life sparks joy and awe, and that which has outlived its purpose, and exists only to fill space - this includes objects, routines, people and beliefs. True treasure is infused with meaning and meaning comes with intention. Does everything you possess and protect exist in your life with intention? Or has clutter overtaken?

The importance of quantity over quality can birth greed which can dampen compassion and fuel madness. Ensure your desires are not left unchecked and slowly ease into sharing the things which are important to you with others. You can experience physical and spiritual wealth whilst sharing that wealth with others - there is more than enough to go around. You can bathe in your own magnificence without shunning the glory of others. Share your treasure and it will be multiplied. Share your expertise, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and recognize not all secrets need to be heavily guarded to be honored. Loosen your grip and spirit will flow with more ease. Recognize the quality of what surrounds you and less will quickly become more. It is time to re-focus on what is truly important and lean into that without hesitation.

Jealous greed will destroy worlds. Collect to tell a story, not to fill space. You are what you surround yourself with - be intentional. 


Two Dragons in Clouds (1885), vintage Japanese dragon illustration by Kanō Hōgai

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